Beginning Blacksmithing

By Ozark Folk Center State Park (other events)

2 Dates Through Mar 24, 2023

Total cost of class $708. Registration fee $108. The class fee of $600 includes the materials fee needed and use of tools for class and  is due directly to the instructor at the beginning of class. Sam accepts cash, credit card, or check.

Ozark Folk School Beginners Intensive in Blacksmithing

Taught by Sam Hibbs

March 20-24, 2023

Meeting Place: Visitor Center lobby, you'll go from there to the forge for class.
10:00 am - 04:00 pm, all days

Learn to forge iron. This is an intensive beginner skills course in Blacksmithing. 

We'll start off with basics of tools and safety, and a look at different kinds of forges. There will be some talk of theory, but the emphasis is getting you hands-on practice with an experienced smith and developing basic skills. Projects may include hooks, a dinner bell set or plant-pot hangers, a few handheld chisels and punches, a bottle opener and/or BBQ fork or steak flipper, and a final project of a simple pair of tongs.  This will introduce the student to basic forging processes and just enough tool-making to help get you on your way.  We won't be covering knives or fire-welding in this class.

You will need leather gloves, closed-toe leather shoes, a long-sleeved shirt and safety goggles.

Pre-registration required, class is limited to 2 students.

Class starts at 10:00 a.m. Meet your instructor and pick up your packet in the Visitor Center lobby. Class usually finishes about 4:00 with a break in the middle for lunch.


Need lodging? Our Cabins at Dry Creek offer comfortable rooms just down the hill from the workshops. There is a private bath in each room and a lovely view of the surrounding forest. The Cabins offer a special rate for Ozark Folk School students who book 3 nights or more, call 800-264-3655 to book your room.


You must be 16-years-old or older to take this class.

students MUST wear nonflammable clothing -- NO synthetics or synthetic blends.  No open-toe footwear or any boots with meltable tops.  Bring eye protection if you have it, but safety glasses will be provided if not.