Cheesemaking Hands-On

By Ozark Folk Center State Park (other events)

Thu, Jul 13 2023 10:00 AM CDT Fri, Jul 14 2023 3:00 PM CDT

Cost of class $200. This two-day class offers a hands-on introduction to making basic hard and semi-soft cheeses. Using the milk you bring from home, or arrange to purchase from a local grocery or dairy, you’ll learn what equipment you need, how to sanitize and prepare your cheese making space, and what supplies you need to make delicious cheese.

Each student will have their own cheese making station.

You’ll use milk, cultures, rennet, and salt. Herbs and spices are options. You’ll follow the steps and start three different cheeses in class that you’ll take home to age to perfection. You’ll learn to follow a recipe, fill out and adapt your make sheet and how to finish a cheese.

Cheese will include a Jack-style cheese, a Farmstead Cheddar-style, and a Primo Sale Cheese.

There will be lots of cheese to taste in class.

This class will give you the skills and resources to make a wide variety of cheeses at home.

Class size is limited and pre-registration is required at least two weeks prior to the beginning of class.

If you want to take this class with a friend and share a station, cultures and handouts, you can add a person for $40.

Looking for lodging? The Cabins at Dry Creek are located in the park just down the hill from your classroom. These comfortable climate-controlled duplex rooms are newly remodeled and offer a private bathroom, queen-sized beds, microwave and refrigerator. We offer discounts for students staying 3 or more nights. Call 870-269-3872 to book your room.