Herbal First Aid Kit & Most-Used Remedies

By Ozark Folk Center State Park (other events)

Tuesday, July 19 2022 9:00 AM 4:00 PM CDT

Total Cost of Class $152 - Which includes $22 registration fee paid here to sign up, (covers your admission to the Craft Village & Heritage Herb Garden). You owe the $100 class fee and $30 materials fee to Susan at the beginning of class. Susan accepts cash, check or Paypal.

Herbal First Aid Kit, Travel Essentials & Most-Used Remedies

Taught by Susan Belsinger

Besides the regular necessities like bandages and tweezers, this class will show you how to make a first aid kit for the home featuring many herbal remedies from simple teas and tinctures to liniments, oils and syrups. Basics, like how to make a poultice, what to do for digestive upsets and which essential oils to use as insect repellents or for a relaxing bath will be covered. Susan will discuss some of her favorite commercial products as well as many homemade remedies.

An experienced traveler takes along items to make them comfortable and keep them well on their journey. See what Susan always carries in her travel bag for preventative maintenance.

Each student will make an aromatherapy spritzer, a hand sanitizer, a cleansing vinegar and a tincture.