Triangle Loom Weaving Class

By Ozark Folk Center State Park (other events)

5 Dates Through Jul 27, 2019

Learn to weave on a triangle loom.

This basic loom takes the warping out of weaving. You start at one corner and with each pass you create warp and weft at the same time.The geometry of the triangle makes plaids and patterns work out naturally. This is a fun way to weave shawls, scarves, wraps, and more.

In this class, you will start on a one-foot loom and learn the basic skillls that can be transfered to larger looms.

The materials fee of $45 includes the one-foot loom and weaving hook you will get to take home, as well as yarn for your starter pieces.

The registration fee of $22 is due when you sign up for the class.

A class fee of $60, plus the materials fee, is due to Jennifer Leigh at the beginning of class. It includes your admission to the Craft Village for the day, and the evening concert in the Ozark Highlands Theater.

Total cost of this class $127.

Instructor Bio - Jennifer Leigh is a multi-talented fiber artist. She teaches quilting, spins yarn, weaves on a variety of looms and has recently taken up basket weaving. She is patient with her students and very good at finding a variety of ways to explain the next steps in a process.