Bitters: Discover their Flavorful & Digestive Benefits

By Ozark Folk Center State Park (other events)

Thursday, July 21 2022 9:00 AM 12:00 PM CST

Total Cost of Class $97 - Which includes $22 registration fee paid here to sign up, (covers your admission to the Craft Village & Heritage Herb Garden). You owe the $55 class fee and $20 materials fee to Susan at the beginning of class. Susan accepts cash, check or Paypal.

Taught by Susan Belsinger

In this half-day, three-hour, intensive class, Susan will discuss the health benefits of using bitters and will bring 12 of her most often used bitters, both commercial and homemade, for you to taste straight from the bottles and also in beverages and with food. You and your taste buds will be amazed!

We will sort through some bitter botanicals and other herbs that are often combined with them and each student will create their own bitters formula to take home. You will leave with the knowledge of how bitters work in the digestive system, how to use them in all kinds of foods and drink, and the ability to easily create your own bitters at home. Susan will provide an informative handout and share some of her favorite books and websites on the subject.

“Bitters are part of restoring the diversity that’s missing in our diets, and (as with the previous examples), building our wellness. We can feel it when we taste them. The flavor can be challenging at first, but we know the benefits: digestive support, liver support, gentle daily support for our natural detox system, and appetite regulation."  --- Guido Masé