White Oak Basket Weaving

By Ozark Folk Center State Park (other events)

Friday, August 18 2023 9:00 AM 4:00 PM CST

Registration Fee $22. Class Fee $95. Total Cost of Class $117

Taught by Billy Owens

Learn to make this perennial favorite Ozark traditional style shopping basket. 

All materials come from White Oak trees selected, cut and prepared by instructor Billy Owens, using a homemade tool ( split knife) made and used by his father, Dale Owens.  

You will weave your basket over a mold, which is provided for use in the class. Everyone will finish making and take home a White Oak basket that should last a lifetime.

You will be learning to weave the Large Apple basket, it is 14" in Diameter and approx 9" deep, excluding the solid Oak handle. It takes 6-8 hours to weave.

The class cost includes materials and is $95.00 per person, due directly to Billy Owens at the beginning of class. The registration fee of $22 is due when you register for this class.

Total cost of class $117

Meet your teacher -

Owens Oak Baskets is located in the Ozark Hills of Southwest Missouri near Branson, MO. It is family owned & operated solely by the Owens family for generations. Dale Owens, was the founder of Owens Oak Baskets. He made baskets many years ago for "Mutton Hallow","Silver Dollar City", & "Shepard of the Hills" in Branson, Missouri. Billy Owens was taught by his father the Owens' traditional way of making baskets and he now carries on the family business and shares his skills with students around the nation.

Billy personally harvests, cuts, and splits, all by hand, the White Oak that is used in all the Kits, Supplies & Baskets. All of the work is done by him & the many Owens family members. Being a large and blessed family, consisting of Billy & Theresa, their daughters, Stacie, Jamie, Bo, Frankie, Dena, and their son Kase, their Sons-in-Law, and their twelve grandchildren. The Owens family all want to say thank you to their many patrons and students for making it possible for them to be able to share their family tradition of white oak basket making.